Calgary patient asks, “What is involved with biological tooth extraction?”

At the holistic and biological practice of Living Wellness Dental Northland in Calgary, our professional team believes in providing the most conservative, natural, and non-invasive treatment possible. There are times, however, when surgical intervention may be necessary, such as in the case of tooth extraction.

Biological Tooth Extraction Near Me in Calgary

While permanent teeth are expected to last a lifetime, trauma, damage, or decay can necessitate the removal of a tooth or teeth. Conditions that may require that a tooth be removed include:


In cases when the interior area of the tooth, called the pulp chamber, becomes infected, root canal treatment is typically recommended. If root canal therapy is not the ideal solution, extraction may be needed.

Gum disease

Periodontitis is an infection that makes the gums, tissues, and jawbones erode, which causes teeth to loosen, fall out, or eventually, need to be removed.

Following the extraction of a tooth, the gums need to heal the wound that is left. Drs. DeSanti and James Redd understand that the most effective healing is done by an individual’s own body. That’s why we perform biological tooth extraction. We utilize Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF), which involves drawing the patient’s blood prior to the procedure. The blood platelets are then applied to the incision, allowing the patient’s own growth factors to stimulate healing. The benefits of biological tooth extraction with Platelet Rich Fibrin include:

  • Natural healing
  • Reduced risk of infection or complication
  • Accelerated healing
  • Less discomfort and pain
  • Bone rejuvenation

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