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A biological approach to dentistry focuses on the use of the innocuous, biocompatible materials and techniques employed for optimal clinical outcomes and the long-term wellbeing of the treated client. At Living Wellness Dental Northland, serving clients in the Calgary Region and from across Canada, our doctors provide successful biological and holistic dental treatments for the entire family.

In the unfortunate event that a tooth is determined to be beyond repair and must be extracted, we reduce the stress and make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Dr. DeSanti and Dr. Redd employ a technique referred to as Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF), using biocompatible materials from the client’s own blood, which expedites the healing process so that you can return quickly and comfortably to your personal interests and responsibilities.

Platelet Rich Fibrin Technique: an accelerated biological process to cut down your oral injury recovery time in half!

Platelet rich fibrin technique - Calgary, AB
Watch as Dr. Robertson shares with us some insightful information and benefits of the biological healing process caused by the Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Technique.

Hi there, I am Dr. Robertson today we are going to talk a little bit bout PRF and the value it is to you – so PRF is the grafting technique that is used know that uses the own persons human response to help them heal faster and better. So what it uses is somebody’s own blood and we take a little blood draw as we would  at a lab, we spin it down here you can see 3 different sections serum PRF and then the red blood cells that we don’t really need. So we just take this middle section right there and importantly it does 4 things – it cuts the healing time in half, reduces pain significantly, heals the right thing in the right place much faster and initiates clotting immediately. So those are the things we want to use PRF for – 2 different methods that which can be used 1 – is road rash and other is in dentistry. Road rash is just easier for people to understand, this is an individual who fell while running, scraped his hand and got road rash on his hand. So we did it, we took a blood draw from the individual and applied it to the wound and started to soothe like Aloe to a Sun burn a natural band aid – 7 days later it takes 2 days 3 days to heal this one within a week, the immature skin was much more mature. Person was able to go back to work and hand was normal. More importantly her is an individual whose tooth was pulled a week before at a different office and then showed up at our office with an absence on the tooth behind and we had to pull the tooth behind so obviously we asked if PRF was added and if he wanted the PRF behind he said yes so we added the PRF so we took out the tooth and the painter came back to us a 2 months later which you can see. Where No PRF was added, no bone recovery mostly just skin and that had formed into the socket. Where the PRF was added great bone recovery so the person had less pain and better bone recovery you can see. The difference between these 2 sites was a week, so let’s give it another 2 months to see if it will heal up and appear better. Still after 4 months not yet great bone formation. Same individual same timing same conditions only the difference was the site at which the PRF was placed. So that is PRF and that is why we used it – better bone healing in the right place, less pain and better recovery and immediate clotting when necessary.

The process involves a simple blood draw from the client. The blood is put through a process that results in concentration of the platelets or PRF. The PRF is then applied to the extraction site. The client’s own blood and immune system support soft tissue and bone regeneration and promote an accelerated and natural healing process. PRF results in the following:

  • Biological healing of the wound occurring in as little as half the time
  • Bone healing and rejuvenation
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Shorter recovery period
  • Significantly reduced discomfort and post-procedure pain
  • Localized healing with the right tissue in the right place

There is a connection between oral health, physical health, and systemic health. By avoiding materials or substances that may adversely impact a client’s long-term wellness, and by using materials and treatments that support the client’s physiology, we can help them to achieve optimal total body health. 

Our professional team at Living Wellness Dental Northland provides a comprehensive array of biological, holistic, pediatric, family, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, as well as prevention and treatment of gum disease and orthodontic alternatives like Invisalign, and Biobloc Orthotropics.

To find out more about PRF, healthy tooth extractions, biological healing, or our other successful dental treatments, contact us today at (587)-329-3588 or request an appointment with our convenient online scheduling system.

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Dr. Spencer DeSanti and Dr. Redd

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Living Wellness Dental Northland provides patients with dental services from a biological approach designed to empower them with knowledge that will help them optimize their oral health. Quality treatments are tailored according to each client’s sensitivities and enable them to take control of their own health and wellness. Our highly skilled team of dentists, Dr.Spencer DeSanti and Dr. James Redd boast over 40 years of combined dental experience and are supported by the latest in technology in addition to unique training and certification in biocompatible dentistry, the hallmark of Living Wellness Dental Northland services. Our clients benefit from the natural approach to dentistry which yields high quality holistic services for clients of all demographics.

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