Dental Care for Children

We provide friendly, compassionate care for children.

  • We offer suitable mercury free fillings for any age
  • We offer a holistic approach to your child’s dental health
Best Dental Care for Children in Calgary

Living well begins early in life, and we are proud of the excellent care we provide to clients of all ages. Our team is committed to making dental experiences positive, and we love working with children. During early childhood dental visits, children learn and form the habits they will carry with them for life. Dr. DeSanti and Dr. Redd, along with the various members of our Living Wellness Dental Northland team all share the same common goal of helping clients benefit from healthy mouths and bodies.

Children do not inherently harbor fear of dental care, but they do tend to feel anxious about the unknown. Our Living Wellness Team has created a comfortable environment where children feel welcome, safe and eager to return. Our personable, friendly staff are engaging and use language easily understood by children and adults alike. We want each member of your family to feel at ease from the moment you pass through our doors.

Dental care for children is an art and is tailored to their needs, just as it is for adults. Most early dental visits at Living Wellness Dental Northland will include examinations and cleanings. We assess growth patterns, check for cavities, demonstrate proper brushing techniques, and provide restorative care when necessary. We are committed to a basic, proactive approach to keeping your children’s teeth and gums healthy.

Living Wellness Dental Northland does not use mercury for any of its procedures. When patients of any age require dental fillings, we use composite or ceramic material rather than dental amalgam (combinations of metals). There are several benefits resulting from use of this material over conventional amalgams. Composite dental fillings:

  • are more attractive,
  • look and feel like natural tooth material
  • are also free of mercury and other metals
  • can be made available free of BPA
  • are safer for use in procedures performed on a wide demographic including pregnant women and children
  • allow your dentist to preserve more natural tooth structure due to the bonding process.

We use biocompatible materials, techniques, and treatments to keep your family healthy and smiling. If you are looking for a dental office to work together with to realize your family’s health and wellness goals, contact Living Wellness Dental Northland today.

Living Wellness Dental Northland
Dr. Spencer DeSanti and Dr. Redd

Dentists - Living Wellness Dental Northland

Living Wellness Dental Northland provides patients with dental services from a biological approach designed to empower them with knowledge that will help them optimize their oral health. Quality treatments are tailored according to each client’s sensitivities and enable them to take control of their own health and wellness. Our highly skilled team of dentists, Dr.Spencer DeSanti and Dr. James Redd boast over 40 years of combined dental experience and are supported by the latest in technology in addition to unique training and certification in biocompatible dentistry, the hallmark of Living Wellness Dental Northland services. Our clients benefit from the natural approach to dentistry which yields high quality holistic services for clients of all demographics.

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Thorough practicioners with fantastic service. I enjoy their up to date knowledge and sensitivity to a chemical free approach. I recommend to everyone I know Jaime D.
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