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The Living Wellness Dental Northland team encourages patients in the Calgary, Alberta, area to visit and learn about the numerous benefits of biological extractions. This form of extraction is performed a bit differently than a traditional extraction. A sharper focus is placed on making patients healing times faster by integrating platelet-rich fibrin, or PRF.

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Platelet-rich fibrin is harvested from a patient’s blood. This is accomplished by first drawing blood from the patient. This blood is then broken down into various elements, including serum, platelet-rich fibrin, and red blood cells. The platelet-rich fibrin is extracted from the blood and used at the dental extraction site. 

PRF has started to be widely used by medical professionals because it facilitates quicker healing, reduces the amount of pain/discomfort a patient feels, promotes precision recovery, and provides immediate blood clotting. Platelet-rich fibrin is made readily available at our office.

The reason a tooth needs to be extracted can be one of many, including young children who need baby teeth removed to help permanent teeth surface. Young adults may need to have their wisdom teeth extracted if they become impacted or do not have room to erupt properly. They could also lead to misalignment of one’s smile once they come in. 

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For other patients, if they are experiencing extreme decay that a filling or other treatment cannot remedy, an extraction may be necessary. One thing to note here is that an extraction will often be a measure of last resort once other options have been considered. Whatever the reason for extraction, and every patient will have a unique reason, it will be made easier by using platelet-rich fibrin.

If you live in or around the area of Calgary and are interested in finding out how extractions are done in our practice, please contact our team at (587)-329-3588 today to book a consultation appointment and initial evaluation. We speak with potential patients about the benefits of using platelet-rich fibrin to restore the smile and facilitate faster healing.

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