If You Are Tired of Traditional Dental Crowns, Experience the Many Benefits of CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns

The process for receiving a dental crown has traditionally required physical impressions, multiple appointments, and awkward temporary crowns. All of these can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. What would life be like to have a well-fit crown designed, crafted, and placed all within the same appointment? With CEREC dental crowns offered by Drs. Spencer DeSanti and James Redd at Living Wellness Dental Northland, this is now a reality. Clients in Calgary, Alberta, are raving about this modern, convenient and quick process for obtaining dental crowns.

CEREC One-Visit Dentistry in Calgary AB Area

Non-Invasive Imaging

If you have ever received a dental crown, you have likely had to subject yourself to biting down into a tray full of putty. Then you are asked to not move until the alginate can solidify while struggling to catch a breath or two and certainly not to swallow. Such has been the standard for taking dental impressions for crowns that require manufacturing by a lab specializing in dental prosthetics fabrication. Taking putty impressions could be an outright nightmare for patients with a strong gag reflex. With CEREC same-day restorations, awkward alginate (putty-based) impressions are a thing of the past! Thanks to advances in dental technology, a minimally invasive wand with a small camera in the tip takes thousands of images inside your mouth to create high definition, 3-D digital impressions right there in your dentist’s office.

Incredible Precision

Putty-based impressions of yesteryear served their purpose, yet they continue to come with a few key drawbacks. A routine issue is that clients shift their teeth while biting down into the putty, potentially jeopardizing the final quality of the impression. There is also a risk of shipment delay, or even worse, losing or damaging an impression during transport to an external lab. Putty impressions cannot compare to the precision, speed, ease and comfort provided by digital imaging. Your dentist can take incredibly accurate images of your teeth and gums and begin milling a crown right in the dental office while you wait comfortably in the dental chair. The result is a professionally crafted crown that fits seamlessly into your smile and bite system and looks completely natural!

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Unrivaled Convenience

CEREC dental crowns are so popular among clients because they can be created and placed within a single appointment. Gone are the days of leaving the office with a set of unwieldy temporary crowns while you wait for potentially weeks at the mercy of an offsite lab to create your crown. Once your dentist captures your digital impression they insert a block of dental-grade ceramic which comes available in multiple shades so that, following the milling procedure (which you can observe first hand) it will closely match the appearance of your natural teeth. In this busy day and age, clients are excited to be offered solutions that satisfy their specific demands, allowing them to avoid embarrassment and to get back to normal life.

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