The cost of Invisalign treatment in Calgary offset by improved oral health

One of the primary reasons adults seek orthodontic treatment is to see an improved appearance. The look of the smile is, in fact, very important in today’s image-conscious society. In addition to an improvement in aesthetics, there are various other advantages to incurring the cost of Invisalign treatment with an experienced Calgary dentist.

The Best Invisalign Dental Treatment Near Me In Calgary AB

Invisalign is one of the most appealing options in orthodontics today due to the discreet nature of clear, plastic aligners and the comfort through which these removable appliances can correct misalignment. Through a relatively quick, comfortable process, patients of Dr. DeSanti and Dr. Redd can enjoy health benefits associated with Invisalign.

Gum health

When teeth are aligned as they should be, supportive gum tissue tends to fit more tightly around individual teeth. This is mutually beneficial to teeth as well as to gums. When teeth are in poor position, spaced either too far apart or too close together, oral bacteria can more easily accumulate in tight spaces. The more oral bacteria that collects, the higher the risk of gum disease. With Invisalign treatment, gum health begins to improve right away due to the fact that there are no brackets and wires in which food debris may become trapped. Removable aligners also allow for excellent oral hygiene all the way through treatment.

Chewing and speaking comfort

Malocclusion is a problem that often accompanies misalignment. When opposing teeth do not fit properly, the jaw must work harder to chew food. Malocclusion can lead to insufficient chewing which, in turn, can cause digestive upset. The way our teeth fit together is also important to our speaking function. In order to pronounce certain sounds, the tongue must be able to touch the back of the teeth. If gaps are present, this may be difficult. Repositioning the teeth with Invisalign can correct the malocclusion that stresses speech and chewing function.

Tooth preservation

Straightening teeth leads to a better distribution of force when chewing. As such, correcting misalignment with comfortable, convenient Invisalign reduces stress on certain teeth, preserving their natural structure. A secondary benefit to a straighter, more attractive smile is also an improvement in daily oral hygiene. Several studies have shown that, when a person is satisfied with the appearance of his or her smile, oral hygiene is more efficient. The result? A healthier smile for life.

Orthodontic treatment is not what it used to be. If you have been dreaming of a healthier, more attractive smile, call the office of Dr. DeSanti and Dr. Redd at (587)-329-3588.

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