Holistic approaches to tooth extractions create a pleasant experience from beginning to end in Calgary

Living Wellness Dental Northland partner with you to keep your teeth their healthiest. Even with the most diligent professional and home care, accidents happen. Wisdom teeth don’t develop properly. There are several reasons your teeth may need extraction. We offer holistic tooth extractions in Calgary.

Holistic Tooth Extractions in Calgary

What Makes an Extraction “Holistic”?

Every material, technology, and technique offered by Drs. DeSanti and Redd is designed with the health of your teeth and body in mind. These procedures are generally conservative, gentle, and minimize the risks of unpleasant side effects and complications.

A comfortable experience, every step of the way

The dental team understands that if an extraction is needed, you may already be in pain and experiencing other unpleasant symptoms. The doctors will eliminate your pain quickly and comfortably. They use alternatives to conventional techniques that have traditionally been a source of dental fear, such as needles and drills. For example, local anesthetic is delivered with the press of a small steel device. Held against the treatment area, the device releases an anesthetic solution that spreads and absorbs quickly and effectively through the mucous membranes and into the deeper gum tissue. This method eliminates the discomfort associated with traditional needles at the start of the process.

Extraction with PRF

The doctors set you up for success after the procedure with the application of platelet rich fibrin. Known as a healing aid, PRF is derived from the patient’s own blood. When this small sample of blood is spun in a centrifuge, the body’s natural healing and growth factors are isolated and purified. This powerful regenerative PRF is then applied to the extraction site. Inflammation is reduced, wounds heal more quickly, blood flow is stimulated, and bone and soft tissue regrowth is promoted.

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