Calgary patients ask: How long does it take to achieve results with Invisalign?

Are you self-conscious about your smile because of twisted, crowded, protruding, overlapping, or crooked teeth? Studies show that people who smile frequently are happier than those who do not. Your smile is also an indicator of welcome, confidence, affection, and joy to those around you in professional or business environments.

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There are many factors that can impact or influence a person’s bite or alignment of the teeth, including:

  • A mouth that is too small to accommodate all of the teeth can cause the teeth to shift and push into each other
  • Jaw bones may not develop properly or symmetrically, and sometimes the upper and lower jaws grow in different sizes, resulting in overbite or underbite, when one arch of teeth protrudes beyond the other. In certain cases, the teeth that overlap will put constant pressure on contact and cause the inner teeth to shift
  • Dental restorations such as dental crowns or fillings that do not fit properly
  • Premature loss of adult or baby teeth
  • Periodontal disease: gingivitis or periodontitis
  • Serious injury to the face, jaw, or teeth
  • Prolonged baby bottle or pacifier use
  • Sucking the thumb or tongue thrusting
  • Mouth or jaw tumors

At Living Wellness Dental Northland, treating families residing in Calgary, Red Deer, Airdrie, Canmore, and nearby areas, Dr. DeSanti and Dr. James Redd and our team love helping patients discover the smiles of their dreams.

For patients who wish to straighten their teeth or correct alignment issues, we provide two alternatives to traditional metal bracket and wire braces: BioBloc Orthotropics and Invisalign.

Invisalign is a popular and effective clear alignment system which offers advanced technology to gradually move teeth into the proper and desired position. The clear, comfortable, custom-made, and removable Invisalign trays are changed every two weeks, delivering progressive gentle pressure that achieves results in as little as 12 months. Benefits of Invisalign straightening include:

  • Discreet and invisible treatment
  • Ability to maintain a healthy oral health and hygiene routine
  • Removable trays permit patients to eat and drink their favorite foods and beverages

At Living Wellness Dental Northland, our services include a complete range of holistic, biocompatible, biological, family, pediatric, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. For a comprehensive consultation, call us today at (587)-329-3588.

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