Calgary Patients Enjoy Mercury Free And Mercury Safe Dentistry

One of the aspects of biological dentistry, is looking at the body as a whole. In the Calgary office of Living Wellness Dental Northland, our team uses safe techniques, tools, and materials to help our patients to do more than live – but to live well. We understand the intricate correlation between oral health care and overall systemic health and wellness.

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Dr. DeSanti and Dr. James Redd are experienced and compassionate Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) who believe that every patient deserves attentive, personalized, and total-body health care. We assess not only the situation presently at hand with a patient, but also the future impact of the materials and techniques that we use in treatment. Considering scientific data through years of research, we have chosen to practice mercury-free dentistry, and also offer our patients a professional dental office and environment that is mercury safe.

Mercury safe dental practices

Please see the IAOMT ( for further information on definitions of Mercury-Free and Mercury Safe Dentistry.

Serving patients from Calgary, Airdrie, Canmore, Red Deer, and other Alberta communities, Living Wellness Dental Northland provides a comprehensive array of advanced dentistry. Call us today at (587)-329-3588.

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Dr. Spencer DeSanti and Dr. Redd

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Living Wellness Dental Northland provides patients with dental services from a biological approach designed to empower them with knowledge that will help them optimize their oral health. Quality treatments are tailored according to each client’s sensitivities and enable them to take control of their own health and wellness. Our highly skilled team of dentists, Dr.Spencer DeSanti and Dr. James Redd boast over 40 years of combined dental experience and are supported by the latest in technology in addition to unique training and certification in biocompatible dentistry, the hallmark of Living Wellness Dental Northland services. Our clients benefit from the natural approach to dentistry which yields high quality holistic services for clients of all demographics.