Dentist in Calgary, AB is warning clients against waiting to replace missing teeth

Imagine you have a tooth extracted or are missing several teeth. The tooth you have had extracted is a back molar that is not visible to others; so replacing that tooth doesn’t seem especially important. After all, you can get by with chewing on the “other side”, and really, how much impact can a single lost tooth have on your oral health? 

Missing Teeth Implants in Calgary AB Area

It turns out, surprisingly, that it can have an enormous effect on the function of your oral system and your overall health. You may be happy to learn that you do have options; one of which is a dental implant. Drs. DeSanti, Redd and the team at Living Wellness Dental Northland have been providing biocompatible, quality, safe, and durable dental implants, using the latest technology, to clients in the Calgary, AB area.

When you lose a tooth for any reason, it is vital to seek professional advice from your dentist at Living Wellness Dental Northland. This guidance will reduce the risk of experiencing further complications with your oral system, which could lead to jeopardizing your overall health. The following are a few challenges that one might experience due to not managing a lost tooth/teeth:

Jawbone Deterioration

One of the most significant impacts of a missing tooth is the effect it has on the jawbone itself. Our teeth play a vital role in the structure of our jaw. The roots of any given tooth provide stimulation and enhanced blood flow to the jawbone helping to maintain bone density, and strength. When a tooth and its roots are lost, a void is introduced into the jawbone structure in addition to a loss of stimulation. Without proper stimulation, your jawbone can begin to deteriorate, creating many functional and aesthetic issues. A dental implant will replace the roots and provide the stimulation necessary for a healthy jawbone.

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Shifting Teeth

A missing tooth also introduces an unnatural gap into the oral system. When a gap is created, adjacent teeth have a tendency to migrate into the void creating a misalignment with potentially dramatic effects. When even a single tooth shifts, it can create a new gap which of course can lead to more undesirable shifting. Shifted teeth represent a new challenge for healthy teeth that depend on interacting with them. As time goes on, in similar fashion to the “domino effect” this problem can compound to the point where costly realignment and orthodontic work may be necessary to restore your beautiful smile. Dental implants will ensure that your teeth maintain their vital alignment and allow your oral system to function as it should.

Many clients have experienced the long lasting benefits of dental implants and have been pleasantly surprised that their procedure was virtually pain free. If you would like more information on dental implants, please call (587)-329-3588 to schedule an appointment with Dr. DeSanti or Dr. Redd at Living Wellness Dental Northland.

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