Calgary, AB, the dentist provides effective treatments in replacing missing teeth

As a child, losing a tooth is a fun part of growing up. It often comes with photos and big grins that show off space where a tooth used to be. However, adults who lose a tooth often feel far less festive. In fact, adult tooth loss can cause dental patients to feel self-conscious about the way they look. Additionally, it can impact their speech, their ability to enjoy their favorite foods and cause dental health concerns. 

The dentist provides effective treatments in replacing missing teeth

The Living Wellness Dental Northland team in Calgary, AB, helps their patients address these concerns with several treatments for replacing missing teeth

Causes of tooth loss

Adult tooth loss can be caused by several factors, including:

  • Tooth decay – cavities that go undetected or untreated will continue to grow and damage more and more of the tooth. As the decay grows, the tooth will begin to break down. Once it advances too far, dentists may suggest extraction. 
  • Accidents – Accidents, such as a fall or impact to the mouth, can cause a tooth to be badly broken or even knocked out. Teeth that are damaged may be able to be repaired, and, in some cases, a lost tooth can be reset. However, in many instances, patients will have better outcomes with a replacement tooth. 

Importance of replacing a missing tooth

Depending on the placement of the tooth or teeth that are missing, patients often ask if they need to have it replaced. The short answer is yes. Replacing a missing tooth is important to your overall dental health as it provides stability to the mouth and keeps the remaining teeth in their proper position. Teeth that slip out of place can create pockets where food particles become trapped and lead to tooth decay or gum disease. Further, the jawbone stimulation provided by a replacement tooth can prevent facial drooping. 

Tooth replacement options

There are several options for replacing a missing tooth or teeth, including crown and bridge appliances, dentures, and dental implants. Each has several benefits, and the decision is often determined by the patient’s lifestyle, timeline, and budget. Patients who want the most permanent and natural-looking option choose dental implants. 

About dental implants

A dental implant is a replacement tooth root that is inserted into the jawbone and attaches to a dental crown or false tooth. The dental implant process does take several months from start to finish as the bone must be given time to heal around the replacement tooth root. However, once it’s inserted and the crown is attached, the tooth will look and function much like a natural tooth. Patients can smile and speak with confidence, knowing their newly restored tooth will stay firmly in place. 

Caring for a dental implant

With proper care, dental implants will last for many years. Patients with dental implants must brush and floss each day. Also, dentists recommend avoiding foods that will stain or discolor the teeth. While the replacement tooth will be created from a material that doesn’t stain, the remaining teeth can, which would prevent a seamless appearance. Patients should also be sure to visit their dentist twice annually and discuss any discomfort they may be experiencing. 

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