Safe tooth extraction technique in Calgary promotes natural healing and reduces risks

Biological offices such as Living Wellness Dental Northland offer materials and techniques that are gentle to living tissues. Platelet Rich Fibrin complements safe tooth extraction in Calgary and complements the doctors’ focus on biological dentistry for the benefit of patient health and comfort.

Tooth Extraction Technique Near Me in Calgary

The traditional procedure

Conventionally, if extraction is deemed best to restore health, the treatment area is numbed. Surgical dental instruments are used to access and remove the tooth. The extraction site is cleaned. Gauze is applied to control bleeding, and instructions are provided to prevent dry socket and other painful complications.

The PRF approach

Drs. Redd and DeSanti will draw a small amount of blood, which is placed in a centrifuge to separate and concentrate the powerful platelet rich fibrin. This aids in regenerating tissues. After your tooth is extracted, the site will be filled with PRF and sealed.


Since the PRF process uses proteins naturally present in the body, it is an “autologous” approach, which means the person who donates the blood is the same person who receives it. This characteristic helps to reduce the risk of infections, doesn’t damage living tissue, and is safe because it is derived from your own blood.

Traditional techniques focus on preventing and treating disease, but they do not regenerate tissue lost as the result of a traumatic accident or condition. PRF rebuilds what was lost as the result of trauma, and it does so quickly, predictably, and safely.

Notably, using PRF at the same time and as a complement to the extraction procedure promotes:

  • The body’s own natural healing and growth factors
  • Regulation of the inflammatory response
  • Quick wound healing
  • Blood flow

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