Calgary patients ask: Can I find veneers dentistry service around me?

Few people have naturally perfect, straight, white, and evenly shaped teeth and smiles. For many patients, mild imperfections add character to their smiles and do not cause any problems with their health, wellness, or self-confidence.

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Sometimes, however, patients may find themselves uncomfortable, self-conscious, or embarrassed by a number of flaws in their smile. If misalignment, damaged teeth, and discoloration are all present, a patient may be put off by the thought of multiple procedures and treatments to address each problem area.

At our holistic and biological dental practice, Living Wellness Dental Northland, in Calgary, Alberta, we offer a full range of family, pediatric, cosmetic, reconstructive, and preventive dentistry, with the safest and most conservative approach to dentistry services to achieve our patients’ optimal goals and most beautiful smiles.

Our comprehensive array of dental treatments can address many concerns in a patient’s smile, including:

  • Crooked or misaligned teeth can be straightened without conventional metal braces with Invisalign removable and clear alignment trays
  • Broken, chipped, or damaged teeth may be restored with natural-looking porcelain crowns
  • If you have these and other concerns, however, and are seeking a cosmetic smile makeover, porcelain veneers are a highly versatile, minimally-invasive, and affordable option.

Are porcelain veneers right for me?

Veneer is a term that is often used to describe a decorative laminate placed on the front of something, such as furniture, that enhances the beauty of the object. A dental veneer can be thought of in those terms as well. Porcelain veneers are bonded to a patient’s natural teeth and are custom-designed to change the appearance of the teeth. Made from biocompatible material, veneers are ultra-thin layers of porcelain that have the same light-reflecting properties as the natural tooth enamel for ultimate results, including:

  • Whitening – veneers instantly brighten a discolored or stained smile. Patients may chose the exact shade of porcelain, which is also stain-resistant
  • Reshaping – teeth that may be too short or too narrow can be cosmetically transformed to a patient’s desired shape
  • Spacing – veneers may be designed to cover up minor gaps between the teeth
  • Restoration – veneers cover teeth that may be chipped, pitted, or cracked

If you would like to know more about porcelain veneers, contact our team at Living Wellness Dental Northland today at (587)-329-3588.

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