Calgary area dentist offers biocompatible and holistic dental care

Calgary area dentist offers biocompatible and holistic dental care

At Living Wellness Dental Northland of Calgary, AB, we understand the importance of a healthy smile. Additionally, our team is focused on ensuring everything we do for your oral health is biocompatible. Our dentists, including Drs. Spencer De Santi and James Redd believe in a holistic approach to dentistry. We believe that the smile needs to be healthy, but we also understand biocompatible dental care in terms of treatment of the body as a whole. This approach ensures that patients will only obtain conservative and appropriate treatments for their unique and individual needs. We avoid the use of harmful materials … Continue reading

The Biological Approach To Dental Care

The Biological Approach to Dental Care in Calgary, AB Area

Some patients wonder what a holistic approach to dentistry is and how it is applied to general dentistry. A Holistic approach or “biological approach” refers to an emphasis on the material in dentistry and its connection to the overall well-being. The Living Wellness Dental Northland team in Calgary, Alberta, offers a comprehensive biological approach to dental care, meaning that we treat more than just your symptoms. We use biocompatible material and perform material sensitivity testing recognizing the interconnectedness of the mouth and the rest of the body. We tailor all treatments to each client, customizing your care to suit your needs and … Continue reading

The importance of dental care for kids in Calgary

Best Dental Care For Kids Near Me In Calgary AB

Kids who work with a skilled dental team to learn about the care their smile needs will build a foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles! Dr. DeSanti and Dr. James Redd offer Calgary, Alberta area patients the solutions they need to achieve healthy, attractive smiles. With preventative dental services for kids and treatment for adults, the entire family can enjoy care under one roof. Dental care solutions When working with children, the most important aspect of dental care is education. Educating children on the importance of oral health care allows them to better understand the purpose of brushing, flossing, … Continue reading

Invisalign treats many different problems, and a good plan can start with a consultation in Calgary with Dr. Redd

Invisalign Consultation Calgary from Dr. Robertson and Dr. Redd Dental Health

Straighten your teeth with Invisalign. You can get an improved smile comfortably, without the wires and brackets of traditional braces. All treatments start with an Invisalign Consultation in Calgary at Living Wellness Dental Northland. The dentists are experienced with Invisalign and other methods to treat misalignment and bite-related problems. They evaluate your needs and determine if Invisalign can help you as it has helped millions of patients worldwide since the 1990s. During a consultation, they’ll discuss your case in detail. “Treatable cases” include extra space between teeth and crowded teeth. These problems are not only a cosmetic concern; they are … Continue reading

Holistic dentists resolve far-reaching effects of gum disease in Calgary

Holistic Dentist Me In, Near Me In Calgary AB

As a practice that helps you enjoy living well by emphasising the health of the body and not just the teeth and gums, consideration and treatment of the effects of gum disease in Calgary are approached from a holistic perspective. Avoiding the oral health effects Gum disease is a progressive condition that starts as gingivitis. Untreated early-stage gum disease can progress and become periodontitis. Patients with gingivitis can prevent inflammation from getting worse, and they can even reverse damage such as bad breath and tender, swollen gums. The issue is gingivitis often doesn’t cause any symptoms. You may falsely think … Continue reading

Calgary area patients realize the dramatic changes good posture makes after myofunctional therapy.

Learn More About Myofunctional Therapy Near Me in Calgary

Whereas cosmetic dental treatment improves the look of your teeth, myofunctional therapy has the power to transform the look of your teeth and your overall appearance. The Posture before and after myofunctional therapy in Calgary is dramatic at Living Wellness Dental Northland. For the health of your entire body Referring to “oro” for “mouth” and “facial,” for the structures of the face, orofacial myofunctional therapy is based on orofacial myology, the study of the mouth and facial muscles with a special interest in the lips, tongue, and cheeks. These structures are responsible for many functions, including breathing, sucking, chewing, swallowing, … Continue reading

Holistic approaches to tooth extractions create a pleasant experience from beginning to end in Calgary

Holistic Tooth Extractions in Calgary

Living Wellness Dental Northland partner with you to keep your teeth their healthiest. Even with the most diligent professional and home care, accidents happen. Wisdom teeth don’t develop properly. There are several reasons your teeth may need extraction. We offer holistic tooth extractions in Calgary. What Makes an Extraction “Holistic”? Every material, technology, and technique offered by Drs. DeSanti and Redd is designed with the health of your teeth and body in mind. These procedures are generally conservative, gentle, and minimize the risks of unpleasant side effects and complications. A comfortable experience, every step of the way The dental team … Continue reading

Why patients should visit a biological dentist

The Best Biological Dentist Near Me in Calgary

At Living Wellness Dental Northland, Drs. Spencer DeSanti, James Redd, and our team provide personalized, safe, and effective dental care that patients are able to enjoy while getting the benefits associated with seeing a biological dentist in the Calgary area. Our team is here to provide every patient with a wide range of treatments that keep their whole health and wellness in mind. Biological dentists differ from traditional dentists because they keep the whole body’s health at the forefront of any treatment. We understand the connection that exists between one’s smile and the health of the entire body. We are … Continue reading

Dental services offered by Calgary area professionals

Dental Services Professionals Near Me In Calgary AB

Drs. DeSanti and James Redd of Living Wellness Dental Northland are a team of dentists who have their patients’ best interests at heart. These professionals offer a wide range of dental services to patients in and around the area of Calgary, and welcome new patients to their practice. Some of the services provided include: Invisalign Invisalign orthodontics is a wonderful alternative to traditional braces which are used to correct the bite and the dental arch. Invisalign uses clear aligner trays. These trays are worn day and night to gently reposition the teeth and allow patients to improve the aesthetics and … Continue reading

Biological Dentist Who Offers Extractions

Learn More About Biological Tooth Extractions Near Me In Calgary AB

The Living Wellness Dental Northland team encourages patients in the Calgary, Alberta, area to visit and learn about the numerous benefits of biological extractions. This form of extraction is performed a bit differently than a traditional extraction. A sharper focus is placed on making patients healing times faster by integrating platelet-rich fibrin, or PRF. Platelet-rich fibrin is harvested from a patient’s blood. This is accomplished by first drawing blood from the patient. This blood is then broken down into various elements, including serum, platelet-rich fibrin, and red blood cells. The platelet-rich fibrin is extracted from the blood and used at the … Continue reading

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Living Wellness Dental Northland provides patients with dental services from a biological approach designed to empower them with knowledge that will help them optimize their oral health. Quality treatments are tailored according to each client’s sensitivities and enable them to take control of their own health and wellness. Our highly skilled team of dentists, Dr.Spencer DeSanti and Dr. James Redd boast over 40 years of combined dental experience and are supported by the latest in technology in addition to unique training and certification in biocompatible dentistry, the hallmark of Living Wellness Dental Northland services. Our clients benefit from the natural approach to dentistry which yields high quality holistic services for clients of all demographics.